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10th Hole - Par 4



10th Hole Summary: The 10th, similar to the 9th, is situated in the hierarchy of holes of the Scarlet Course as somewhat "routine." (The 10th though is a great driving hole.) The 11th through the 13th which follow are pehaps the most picturesque the course has to offer. Don't underestimate the challenges of the low-key 10th though. This hole bends slightly to the left. A generous landing area is there for a good to average tee shot. Three fairway bunkers are found left. The most advantageous approach into the 10th green is from the left to the left center of the fairway. A deep bunker protects the green on the right. The 10th green accepts accurate mid or long-iron approaches very well. Winding up above the hole can result in a very fast downhill putt. Anything pin high or below the hole will give you a subtly breaking but not severe putt of average difficulty.

Tenth Tee

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