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Par Four

11th Hole Summary: This is the number one handicap hole on the back nine. Some consider this the "signature hole" of the Scarlet Course. There's a generous landing area, but the 11th usually plays into the prevailing wind, lengthening the hole substantially. A strong drive is required to get within 7-iron approach distance. A tee-shot going left is lost down a hill and into a grove of trees. Because the hole bends slightly to the left, is long, and is protected on the right front by a large bunker, the ideal tee-shot is to the center or left center of the fairway. When a player protects from the disaster lurking left and hits a weak tee-shot right, a long-iron approach from the wrong angle is left into the green. The greenside bunker has a very high face. The green surface is one of the flatter on the course.

Eleventh Tee


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